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Mission Statement

Our Centre has been created by our community for our community based in a unique rural setting and is designed as a place of discovery where children can try out their ideas pursue their questions and theories as well as follow their individual curiosity.

Children will experience an environment which shows respect and understanding, celebrating the person they are while providing an environment rich in opportunities that allow them to work alongside others in a caring, safe and stimulating environment.

Teachers will work in partnership with parents/Whanau recognising that they are the child’s first teacher.  Teachers will ensure that parents and children are made to feel welcome and comfortable in the preschool environment, being made aware of the daily routine and happenings, being actively involved in their child’s learning journey.

Children will grow up in a friendly and respectful environment where family values are promoted and encouraged.


Our Centre Philosophy

We believe that children’s learning begins at home and it is our role to extend on that learning. At Dorie Preschool we strive to know families within our community well. Through collaborative partnerships with parents/caregivers we will work to further their child’s learning and development through quality interactions on a daily basis.

Allowing children to explore the world around them in a safe, caring, loving environment where their personality and culture is valued and respected, is first and foremost. We want the children leaving Dorie Preschool to enter the world as competent, confident, capable, happy and productive members of our community with a passion to learn.

We provide a spacious, safe, well maintained, stimulating environment where children can learn through play, express their interests, share their knowledge and skills and lead the direction of their learning.

Dorie Community Preschool respects the needs of other cultures and works with the many cultures in our community. The Treaty of Waitangi is displayed and our team of teacher are aware of its content. Biculturalism is recognized and valued. We practice Tikanga and the concept of whanaungatanga is understood and practiced by the teachers and encouraged within the children’s development. Whanaungatanga can be described as a value, which reinforces the commitment whānau members (teaching team and parents) have to each other. Such commitment is expressed through a process of caring, sharing, respecting, helping, assisting, relieving, reciprocating, balancing, nurturing, and guardianship.

As experienced, professional teachers we will provide support and encouragement to the children as they learn and discover. The learning and development we identify through play will be recorded and extended on within their Educa profiles. Parents are encouraged to contribute to these learning records as part of our collaborative relationship.

Our emergent curriculum planning (based on Te Whariki) will be discussed regularly and appropriate extension activities planned to enable children to further develop their skills through play and teacher supported interactions.